Free Dupe Method

First make this macro:

“/script local function buy (n,q) for i=1,100 do if n==GetMerchantItemInfo(i) then BuyMerchantItem(i,q) end end end buy (“Zealot Blade”,255);”

Right where you see the “Zealot Blade” Replace the whats inside the quotes with an item of your choice. This can be done with any item that is not Unique(1).

Open up the vendor and just delete the Zealot Blade text in the macro and shift click an item the vendor has to sell to replace it within the quotes. With that move the macro to somewhere on your bar and just spam it. Even though your gold will drop to 0 you will still be able to purchase an unlimited (Bag space limit of course) amount of 255 Whatever item you replaced the text with. It also stacks weapons into stacks of 255. So basically you pay the price of 1 weapon but instead get a stack of 255 for the price of one. You can ALSO equip this “Stacked” Weapon but unfortunately you do not get “Stacked” Attributes

This is Booty Bay WoW Exploit Community’s Free WoW Dupe Method

This method is free because it is somewhat glitchy, it only works about 20% of the time and can take up to an hour to work.

If you want a reliable method then we also sell our private dupe method (with some great bonus guides) here.

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