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Gemming remains more or less how it always has. The one big, new curveball we’ve been thrown is the fact that hit gems are now blue. This is probably overall a win for DPS death knights, as it gives us a few more options to aim for gear bonuses without handicapping ourselves as much.

To understand how, when and if to regem and reforge your gear, you’ll need to understand stat weights. While it’s still pretty early in the 4.0.1 game (and therefore, it’s not completely clear what stat weights are for every spec), the death knight community has still done enough math that we’re relatively certain of the general order. With that in mind, let’s look at every spec and figure out the best ways to regem and reforge.

Unholy’s weights are more or less intuitive if you’ve been following the class changes through the Cataclysm beta. As with all melee specs, you’ll want your hit rating up to the usual 8 percent. After that, we still get the most mileage from strength, but coming up very quickly behind that is haste.

Frost’s stat weights currently vary based on whether you’re dual wielding or using a two-handed weapon. There are some similarities, though. Both weapon types want to keep hit and expertise at their specific soft caps (for special attacks and for dodging, respectively). However, after that, two-handed weapon frost will value haste, because it requires that haste to proc Might of the Frozen Wastes and to have the cooldowns to spend that runic power once it gets it. Just behind haste, it highly values mastery, since it uses so many Frost Strikes. Strength actually ends up behind these “secondary” stats in the long run, they’re so essential.

Blood is now a tank-only tree and also the one that generally should be the simplest to worry about. Stamina continues to be the ultimate stat for blood, especially since Death Strikealways heals a minimum of 10 percent of your base health. This makes gemming very easy. Simply keep stuffing your sockets full of Solid Majestic Zircons.

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