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As far as rotations go, unholy currently has a bit of a priority system going on in patch 4.0.1 and beyond. Luckily, it’s not a completely hard to follow priority system. Here are the basics:

– Make sure your diseases are up.
– Use Dark Transformation if it’s up.
– Use Scourge Strikes if all unholy and/or death runes are up.
– Use Festering Strike if both sets of blood and frost runes are up.
– Use Death Coil if Sudden Doom is up or runic power is capped.
– Scourge Strike.
– Festering Strike.
– Death Coil.


The biggest change to frost’s priority system in Cataclysm comes with the addition ofObliterate to the Killing Machine buff. This means that when you have Killing Machine up, you use Obliterate. Your new single-target priority system will look something like this:
– Get your diseases up (if glyphed for it and there’s no chance of crowd control breaking, use Howling Blast to apply Frost Fever).
– Use Obliterate if Killing Machine is up or both pairs of frost/unholy rules are up.
– Blood Strike if both blood runes are up.
– Frost Strike.
– Howling Blast if Rime is up and it won’t break crowd control.
– Obliterate.
– Blood Strike.
– Horn of Winter.


Like the other trees, blood now has a priority rotation of sorts as well, at least threat wise. It’s a little bit simpler than the other trees just because of lack of procs, but here are the basics for a single target:
– Get your diseases up.
– Rune Strike.
– Death Strike.
– Blood Boil if Scarlet Fever isn’t up.
– Heart Strike if Scarlet Fever is up and there are three or fewer targets.
– More Blood Boil if there are more than three targets.

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