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Note: In order to attack NPCs of your own faction, you can not have complete the following quests…
Alliance quest – Where Kings Walk – Quest – World of Warcraft
Horde quest – Warchief’s Blessing – Quest – World of Warcraft

Old Way: Get to level 58. Summon Ghoul in Ebon Hold. Go to org/sw and kill npcs.
**This has been fixed. You can no longer summon ghouls in Ebon Hold**
New Way: Get to level 58. Go to Org/Sw. Enter Stockades or Ragefire Chasm. Summon Ghoul. Kill NPCs.
How to: (for those who don’t know what this is):

*Needed: level 58+ Unholy Deathknight with the quest to speak to the king/thrall.

1. Level DK to level 58 and spec Unholy with permanant ghoul pet.

2. Accept quest to talk to the king/Thrall.

3. Take Stormwind/Org portal and then enter the stockades or Ragefire Chasm.

4. Summon Ghoul, Buff up, ect…

5. Exit and proceed to kill NPCS. Using your ghouls attack button.
(You can go back to the stockades/ragefire every time you need to resummon your ghoul or get away from guards)

*You can kill Auctioneers, Bankers, Innkeepers, Trainers, etc…You can also train them around the city so the people can not use them.

Some fun stuff you can do:
1. Get a healer and have the healer heal your ghoul. Attack the Auctioneers and the bankers… this will make a lot of people upset because you just shut down the econemy in that city.

2. If you are horde, you can lock up the whole AH. What you do is hit all 3 auctioneers with your ghould once and then put your pet back on passive. Jump up the barrells in the AH and then up the wall. The auctioneers will stand there throwing apples and whatnot at you while nobody can use them : )

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