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WoWInfinity Hack Tool

The no. 1 hacking tool

WoWInfinity is the most feature rich and powerful World of Warcraft hacking tool for live servers. It has remained undetected by warden since its release which was over 1 year ago. And since its release it have been updated for every World of Warcraft patch in just a matter of hours after the patch release.

That right, 0 bans as direct results of having WoWInfinity running for over a year!!!

The Community
WoWInfinity has a strong member base with over 300 daily visits from both users and guests. We have both public and private forums, where our users can discuss stuff related to the hacking tool, guides, tutorials, show-off, feature request, bug reports and what not.

Soloing the “un-soloable”
One of the strongest and most known features is our Flyhack (superfly) which makes it possible for you to walk in the air and with a combination with noclip allow you to walk through walls -a killer combination for soloing bosses and encounters that noone else would be able to solo.

Questing, Leveling and Living made easier.
But its not just about soloing stuff and do stuff that is just harder normally. Hacks like wallclimb, tracking, no object collision, velocity and superfly makes your everyday ingame life a lot easier. Questing is easier as you can go directly to your target destination and avoid having to follow “walkable path’s”, you can skip the trash mobs and go directly to the ones you need. You can avoid collecting keys as you can just walk through the doors and there are just tones of things you can do with the features of WoWInfinity that makes your day alot easier.


  • Superfly (Flyhack)
  • Speedhack (chage your speed)
  • Noclip (Go through Walls. can be used with Superfly and flying mounts)
  • Collision (Collision size, setting it to 0 will make it possible to go into the most narrow places you have ever dreamt of, and by just toggling it you can walk in the air, almost like flying)
  • Track (track whatever you want, even chests)
  • Velocity (Jump higher or lower)
  • SuperSlowFall (A slowfall where you can control what way you want to go and also jump while flying)
  • Wallclimb (walk very, very, very… steep walls)
  • Float (holding down Numpad 5 will make you float through air, if you release it you fall down again)
  • TeleClip (holding down Numpad 8 will clip you forward, if there are any walls you will go through them)
  • TeleHackZ (Pressing [Numpad 7] will instantlly port you up in the air in a controllable altitude and pressing [Numpad 4] will port you down. This can be used to get through high buildings like Karazhan in a matter of secounds and can also be used to kite bosses and kill them Solo)
  • Time (set the time)
  • TimeSpeed (set the speed of time)
  • Airwalk (keep moving at the same height)
  • FlyThrough (enable flying and nothing is solid anymore)
  • Safelanding (Affaraid to fall down and die SafeLanding will make sure that you don’t kill yourself by fall damage.)
  • M2Move (Move around any object ingame with your cursor. Just put your cursor over the object you want to move, pic it up and move it, this can be used to remove obstacles blocking your way like doors, walls or anything else.)
  • M2nocol (Disables collision from all M2 models.)
  • M2col (Enables collision from all M2 models)
  • M2Blackout blackout all M2 models so you easier can see oponent players.
  • M2Remove (Removes all current loaded object from the game making it possible to walk almost anywhere, if you run around in a forest you can forexample now avoid all trees, stones while other players and even Mobs will have to run around them as normal)
  • M2Flat (Flat outall current loaded object, so you still can see it but walk right through it. This is also quite fun to look at)
  • WMOremove (Remove all WMO objects current loaded, this is forexample Buildings or any indoor enviroment.)
  • WMOnocol (removes collision from all WMO’s)
  • WMOcol (enables collision from all WMO’s)
  • CamZ (Control camera Zoom, allowing you to zoom out as much as you want)
  • CamFov (Set the camera’s Field Of View allowing you to see around you which gives you an advantage in PVP)
  • CamRotZ (Allows you to change the z-rotation of the camera)
  • Char_Alpha (Change your transparency making it easier to to fight while the camera is close)
  • Char_Scale (Scale you char to any size, this can also be quite nifty if you want to have a better overview over the battle.)
  • MindVis Look through the eyes of another player of NPC

TTR and EMU users will also enjoy

  • Fly (makes you fly)

More features are currently under beta testing and will come shortly…

  • The tool is account based, you can only get the tool if you got a account.
  • The commandline nature of the tool makes it easy for us to add new features and for you to use the new features without having to get a new user interface for each update.
  • A user is unique, and so is your copy of the tool. We only want the best for our users and we sincerely don’t want any of them to get banned. And therefore we have to ensure that the tool stays within the user base and avoid any leak of our product. This means that ANY unauthorized sharing of the tool WILL result of a permanent ban from the project.
  • Note that each time you login your ip-address is logged with a timestamp. Account sharing will also result in a permanent ban.

WoWInfinity Hack Tool

17 Comments so far »

  1. by ikap96, on July 27 2009 @ 11:52 am


    were to download it

  2. by Lex, on July 29 2009 @ 1:21 am


    it’s a cute “STEALING ACCOUNT TOOL”, don’t download.

  3. by works, on August 7 2009 @ 2:14 am


    it works. i have used it before and it is the #1 hacking tool.

  4. by JeWfAcE, on August 25 2009 @ 1:37 pm


    Hey “Works” can you not read noob? it says at the top


  5. by Neodite, on August 27 2009 @ 2:18 pm


    JewfAcE your pretty dumb aren’t you. One guy has said it’s a account stealing tool and people jump on the band wagon…

    This hack works, and i dont think i could play withought it anymore.

    If you dont belive, get over to and read about everyone else using it. Damn kids shouldn’t be aloud on sites like this

  6. by Jed, on August 30 2009 @ 10:34 pm


    Don’t you all think it would be a little odd for a hack that lets people fly through the air to go undetected? I mean really, think logically. If all of a sudden you’ve got a whole slew of people flying around without mounts blizzard is going to notice pretty quickly.

  7. by Zz, on September 9 2009 @ 10:39 am


    he mentions that fly hack only works on ptr and emu :P, and getting banned while flying threw air is something else than getting banned because of warden

  8. by makulu, on October 29 2009 @ 6:15 am


    Not sure or the program on this site really WowInfinity is, but anyway the real hack is just awesome, and yes the fly hack does work on retail server (3.2.x), many updates and even noclip works (fly through anything)
    The program on the original site costs about 25 dollars, but i saw some cracked versions on the internet.

  9. by Haris, on November 6 2009 @ 8:38 pm


    WowInfinity works, and whoever says it is a account stealing tool is a scrub who obviously has never tried it.

    Facts about WowInfinity.

    Everything is true about it, it does work believe it or not. You do not see these hackers in-game because, most people who do use WowInfinity know how to stay out of sight from other players. Even if you do get caught you use the typical “I was lagging” bullshit or “Wow, I was totally bugged” it works like a charm.

    It is 100% undetected, and every patch WowInfinity is updated.

    After you try WowInfinity, you will honestly never wanna play WoW without it. The amount of gold you can make, and the speed you can level is just ridiculous I highly recommend this for people who do not have a lot of time for WoW, but still wanna enjoy endgame as soon as possible.

    So go fuck yourself nubs who say it doesn’t work, and anyone interested in WowInfinity please do yourself a big favor and purchase this fine program.

  10. by Evan SHeeks, on November 26 2009 @ 12:51 pm


    hey wats TTR? i need a good tool
    but dont wana pay
    they mention TTR at:
    TTR and EMU users will also enjoy

    * Fly (makes you fly)
    ^^ wtf is TTR?

  11. by WoWinfinity user, on December 7 2009 @ 2:50 pm


    OK, so all the sceptics. This hack really works. This is the very same hack chinese underground miners and herbers use. The reason it goes undetectable is that it is being updated everytime after a patch in matter of hours. Also the hack is completely client sided and as I said Warden proof. The reason you dont see people flying around with this is because this hack ain’t public, it has a yearly cost of somewhere around 20dollars nowadays. The speed hack also make you “invisible” for the normal “Slow” players+usually people just fly underground or very high in the sky.

  12. by the guy who proves u wrong, on December 21 2009 @ 2:33 pm


    hey guys anybody have an account they are willling to share with me ? XD

  13. by F you Above me, on December 29 2009 @ 2:21 am


    Hey you can’t share accounts unless you wanna get banned and why would you ask if you don’t even know the people?

    BTW It works i’ve used it for about 5 months now and I love it.

  14. by devalin, on January 4 2010 @ 5:29 am


    So I grabbed it and reversed it.

    Its a trojan, will steal your account for sure.
    Also does some really dumb easy to do model switching
    The reason no one else see’s you flying around is because
    you are not in game, just locally…

    Fail tool.

  15. by Matter, on January 15 2010 @ 5:40 am


    hm someone can tell me where i can get this tool without paying 25$?? i need a hacking tool for 3.3.0a private-server but i can’t find one 🙁

  16. by Your dumb devalin, on February 23 2010 @ 5:22 am


    devalin ur one dumb tool. nuff said.

  17. by Suroh, on March 16 2010 @ 5:26 pm


    Number one it has gone undetecded because little kids don’t use it number two their are multiple hacks that allow for example flying in game

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