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I’ve released my second wow hack : BH-Tool (The first was BH-Teleport ^^)
BH-Tool is a new radar hack, speedest, more complete and with another functions (Npc follow, Move to waypoint etc…)

This hack work on live servers and is undetected (only memory reading)

-Memory editing class (based on BlackMagic)
-Process class
-Math class
-3DVector class
-Radar class
-Radar unit class
-Filter class
-Class to save settings
-Translate class

-Open wow process
-Player information
-Target information
-Display radar (with Zoom)
-Select radar unit
-Selected unit information
-Save radar image
-Filter options
-Save Filters
-Read a XML database
-Set language

-Radar : OK
-Target & local player : OK
-Filters : OK
-Move functions : No

The program open automatically wow process
Select an item of the combobox to activated the radar
Click on radar unit to selected a unit
Use right slider to change refresh tick
Use left slider to change the radar zoom

Options :
-Target: Target information
-Player : Local player information
-Selected : Selected radar unit
-Nothing : Load only the radar

Filters :
-Click on display filters
-Check items on the left to filter unit
-Double click on the middle case
-Right click : add a name or a id
-Modify values
-Click “Ok”
-Check Search Name or/and Search id to filter name or/and id (Don’t forgot)
-The program will filter the unit
(Sorry I find it hard to translate)


Rentabiliweb (SMS+ or by phone) :
Paypal : comming soon


Version 1.2.0

Version 1.0.3


BHTool 1.2.0 for 3.1.1 wow version :…20%203.1.1.rar
BHTool 1.2.0 for 3.1.3 wow version :…20%203.1.3.rar

Thank’s To

cheat-w0w : Joker, Bouba, Rage3x & Rival
mmowned : Jbrauman, Cypher, Apoc, Lbot & Badbot creator, All the memory editing section

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  1. by Tazic, on August 2 2009 @ 4:01 pm


    How do you get this thing to work? that tutorial is Very Bad

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