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On the fishing daily ‘Blood is thicker’ by marcia chase, you have to kill an animal in borean tundra to get a blood debuff on you, jump into open water to create a blood pool, and fish into it to get bloodtooth frenzies.

The trick is that if you have multiple fishing characters ( i have 3), you can do the quest on one character, by flying to borean tundra and completing it etc, but before you hearth to hand it in, you can kill another animal to get the blood debuff on you again, hearth to dalaran and simply drop the blood pool in the fountain next to the quest giver

This lets you log to any character, grab the q, and then use the blood pool next to her to grab your frenzies in 2-3 casts.

Anyone around the q giver can fish from the pool, too, afaik it doesnt run out of frenzies and just lasts 10 minutes.

Not anythin special but it does save me 20-30 minutes if it happens to be the fishing daily

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