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Hi, I release to you United Unicorn.

My first hack for retail server.

A picture:

Feature :

WORK means function work ( yes yes…)
IN DEV means I work on for fix it!

-Détection of wow.exe WORK
-Détection of wow.exe version WORK
-Wallclimb WORK
-No Clip WORK
-Anti Afk WORK
-Z Jump WORK
-Walk On Water WORK
-Scale Hack WORK
-Infinite Jump Hack IN DEV
-Hunter tracking Hack WORK
-wow.exe loader WORK
-Target Vision WORK
-Freeze Z IN DEV
-Extra-Sensory Perception WORK
-Block whisper WORK
-High Jump WORK
-Twelve o’clock WORK
-No Clip (2nd Method) WORK
-Insane Mode WORK
-Macro flooder WORK
-WMO remover IN DEV
-Spectate Mode WORK
-Gravity modder IN DEV
-Personalized Offset Modificator WORK
-UUH launch at windows start up WORK
-Keep UUH on top WORK
-Transparent GUI WORK
-wow pid displayer WORK
-wow version displayer WORK
-UUH version displayer WORK
-Current UUH theme displayer IN DEV
-Reload Button WORK
-Readme Button WORK
-Information Button WORK
-Links for support & mail. WORK (><)
-X coordinate displayer WORK
-Y coordinate displayer WORK
-Z coordinate displayer WORK
-Gradius displayer WORK
-Copy coordinate in clipboard WORK
-Corps coordinate displayer WORK
-Windows Title Randomizer WORK
-Process Name Randomizer via Launcher WORK

Launch United Unicorn :

Double click on U²Hsetup.exe, follow the installation, go on the desktop (if you have create a shortcut) and launch the cheat, otherwise go in the file or you have it install, and execute Launcher.exe, otherwise you will less be to protect, this can launch the hack with a random name process.

UP: Filebeam – Download!

Virus Scan : Virustotal

Launcher MD5sum : 5cae17d17ff040357051c4bd58ddb9eb
Hack MDsum : d62e007536d12f510d3e64a665380046

Special Thanks to : Bouba & Bouh2 (for advices) from’s forum,’s WoW Memory Editing Section, AutoIt’s forums and others posts.

2 Comments so far »

  1. by Commonsense, on October 22 2009 @ 5:23 am


    looks cool, although it also looks very complicated. If it came with a ReadME tutorial explaining what each feature did then i reckon it would be a hit!!

  2. by makulu, on October 29 2009 @ 6:21 am


    and for what patch is it? 😛

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