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I found this Wintergrasp exploit that people can use if they have stealth. Can use w/o it but risky because of death. Before Wintergrasp start, fly there and make sure you’re not defending but attacking. Run up to one of the walls and keep running in to it. Once the battle starts, your will be inside the wall and can just walk in to destroy the cannons and such. Works wonders for me and thought i would share it. This is for retail because private servers dont have working vehicles/wintergrasp

1) Make sure you are attacking team and fly to wintergrasp.
2) Run up to the Wintergrasp Fortress wall.
3) Before it starts, start running into the wall without stopping.
4) Once match starts you’ll be inside wall and can get through on other side.

**Mainly for stealth’ers and also mainly used for breaking cannons right when match starts so you can attack that wall with vehicles**

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