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Types Username
Types Password
Enters the selected character into the world (the most recently used character will be selected)
Activates Pocket Gnome (the only wow mac bot found in google code)
That will start the bot and make it so it does what a bot does

tell application “System Events”
tell application “World of Warcraft” to activate

keystroke “Imput your Username here”
key code 48 (This is tab, so you can enter your password)
keystroke “Imput your password here”
key code 36 (Entering the character selection screen)
delay 2 (Delaying the next enter key to wait for wow to load)
key code ENTER – 36 (Entering the character highlighted. The character used most recently will be highlighted)

tell application “Pocket Gnome” to activate (opens Pocket gnome)
delay 5 (just incase something goes wrong)
key code {55, 1} (this command does my hotkey to start the bot[Command S])

My hotkey is set up so when I hit “Command S” It will start. I suggest you change your hotkey to “Command S” as well nut you can always change it.
say you want to change it to “Command Shift Y”. (The image below was taken from the thread I was talking about at the top)
the key code 55 is Command. the key code 56 is shift. the keycode y is 16. These are all represented by the number in the corner of the “virtual” keyboard key. So at the end if your start/stop hotkey is “Command Shift Y” then replace
key code {55, 1} with
key code {55, 56, 16}

The script works depending on your internet connection. Say your connection goes REAALLLY slow; increase the delay time. It runs by seconds.
Example: delay 2 would delay for 2 seconds

Of course don’t forget to delete the text in parentheses found in the code.
Or you can download it here
Virus Total

Hope that wasn’t complex for you! :S

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