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Hello,I was messing around on carbonite when i happened to zoom in on my map to the left of winterspring. On a normal map it does not appear to be viewable. On carbonite however it shows a full map of an area not yet playable.

If you pay attention this area is connected to Darkwhisper Gorge of Winterspring. Perhaps.. Something to do with the broken instance near it?

I would believe that it has something to do with Mount Hyjal or even Mount Hyjal its self. But there was already CoT:Battle for Mount Hyjal.

Maybe this was going to be the battle for hyjal area until blizz came up with CoT. Maybe this is an abandoned area forgotten now?

Who knows? After all in CoT it was Hyjal from the past. Maybe there is a trick to get through the broken instance and enter this land. Anyone know?

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  1. by Zair, on August 16 2009 @ 7:08 pm


    Some people have bugged n before, but now you get an automatic port out as soon as you walk in.

  2. by Naemesis, on September 4 2009 @ 9:05 am


    Years ago, before BC, I used to go there every once and then, just for the fun of visiting the empty zone… You culd climb over the mountains in Darkwhisper Gorge and drop down there, without getting ported out =) But the zone has no NPCs at all.

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