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Loremaster is the pinnacle of the quest achievements, acquired through completing a certain number of quests on each continent, or in each zone on the continent in the case of Outland and Northrend. Attaining the achievement rewards the nifty prefix title “Loremaster” and, in my opinion, a rather ugly tabard. While achieving Loremaster, one practically cannot help but also receive the 3000 Quests Completed achievement and the “Seeker” suffix title. While this guide is written with Alliance players in mind, it should be of help for Horde players as well. Remember, Low Level Quest tracking is your friend.


The order of difficulty in attaining the individual Loremaster achievements goes in the reverse of what one might expect, with “Loremaster of Northrend” being by far the easiest one to acquire, followed by “Loremaster of Outland” , “Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms” and “Loremaster of Kalimdor” respectively.

In “Loremaster of Northrend”, the hardest piece of the achievement to get is “Icecrown: The Final Goal” primarily due to a couple dozen or so five man group quests one must complete to reach the requisite 140 quests completed, however many of these quests are chained together, so getting a group for the first one often leads to the completion of the rest of the chain.

In “Loremaster of Outland”, the hardest piece of the achievement to get is “On Blade’s Edge” in the Blade’s Edge Mountains, due to the necessity of not only completing the Gronn quest chain leading up to the opening of Ogri’la, which can be very difficult to solo for a level 80, but also several of the Ogri’la quests which become available at higher reputation with their faction, and the possibility of having to find and acquire quests which begin outside the zone but count for Blade’s Edge, such as the Stasis Chambers of Bash’ir which begins in Netherstorm and requires Consortium reputation and quite a few prison key drops, or the spider killing quest which starts in Zangarmarsh.

“Loremaster of Kalimdor” and “Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms” are not easy, they are both long grinds and require 700 quests each, and have no helpful zone requirements to let you know where you are missing quests, and the “Quest Hub” mentality which Blizzard adopted in more recent times was not around, and as such there are quests scattered far and wide in the far reaches of no where and there are more quest starting drops than you can shake a stick at, with no way to tell if you have already done them or not beyond killing the mobs which drop them repeatedly until giving up. However, Eastern Kingdoms is by far the easier of the two, but since the nerf to Kalimdor lowering the quests required to 700 from 720, which is what it was when I did it, it shouldn’t be that difficult.


Really, the only tools I can recommend are the QuestHelper add on, which I did not use when achieving Loremaster, and, which I used enough to practically burn it into my screen. You can find QuestHelper on any number of add-on sites, such as, and is of course a WoW database site.

How to: Loremaster of Northrend

As I’ve already said, “Loremaster of Northrend” is very easy. The quests are all nicely bunched up, and quest starting drops, whatever few there happen to be, drop quickly from mobs required in number by other quests. There are exceedingly few quest starting NPCs off in the middle of no where without a quest leading you directly to them, and the number of quests in each zone exceeds the requirement for completion of each zone’s achievement to the point of these stand alone quests being ignorable. The only caveat is that I do not believe that dungeon quests count for the various zones in Northrend.

The only difficult zone, and I use the word “difficult” loosely, is Icecrown, where the group quests are led up to by other quests, and the only real difficulty in completing them is finding a group to do them with.

How to: Loremaster of Outland

Outland is a little more difficult than Northrend, but only slightly, and mostly because of Blade’s Edge Mountains. By the time that Burning Crusade was released, Blizzard was already tinkering with their “Quest Hub” idea, and as such, many of the quest are bunched up nicely for the taking, however, they hadn’t quite gotten into the swing of leading you to quest givers in the wild, and so there are a few quests scattered around without quests leading to them, such as the Corki quests in Nagrand. A thorough pass with Low Level Quest tracking active should pick most of them up.

In some cases, quests required a given quest item to continue the quest chain, in which case the exclamation point will not show up. These are quests like the chain in Shadowmoon Valley which involved a Wildhammer Flare Gun to call down a rider to get quests from and turn in quests to, or the Felsworn Gas Mask quests in Blade’s Edge, in which case you must find the NPC which originally gave the item to you and request a replacement should you not have completed the chain midway through. I do not believe that dungeon quests count in Outland.

Blade’s Edge is the hardest one to attain, primarily because of the need for Ogri’la reputation to open up some quests and several high end five man group quests. Once you get past these, you should be golden, however, if you still have trouble, and you will, there are several drop quests in this zone, as well as the Stasis Chambers of Bash’ir which starts at Commander Ameer in Netherstorm, and requires both revered with the Consortium and five ethereum prison keys for the prerequisite quest.

How to: Loremaster of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms

Pick a zone and scour the entire zone first with Low Level Quest tracking, taking what quests you can find and then completing them. Take quests which lead out of the zone but save them for later completion. After completing each obvious quest and their subsequent chains, using Wowhead’s show quest giver on the map option on each zone will help find ones you’ve missed. Scour the zone again with Low Level Quest tracking to find any quests which opened up elsewhere after completing a quest in a different part of the zone.

After doing this in one zone, move on to the next and repeat, until each zone on the continent is cleared of obvious quests and dungeon quests, which count towards the achievement (more on proper preparation for running dungeons for quests in a bit). Even check quests and zones you’re sure you’ve cleared years ago, as quite a few quest completions have apparently been reset at some point over the years and must be done again. Complete all quests, following their chains to completion, even if you’ve somehow attained Loremaster of the continent you’re on at this point. Many quests chains can lead to the other continent and back again, counting some quests in the chain in Kalimdor and some in the Eastern Kingdoms. So, complete all quests found until Loremaster is achieved on both continents.

After having rid the world of exclamation points, you will still more than likely be quite a few quests short on both continents. This is the truly time to turn to Wowhead for guidance. Search for items with a filter which specifies that the items start a quest, but we’re not added with Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King. This same trick can be used to specify quest starting item drops that were added with Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King should you somehow be short there.

There are 179 of them, but you may ignore the Task Briefings from Silithus and Sayge’s Fortunes from the Darkmoon Faire and the Flames from the Midsummer Fire Festival and a few others, so you’re left with around 130-140 quest starting items. Scroll through the results to find items which come from the continent upon which you are currently working. Open each item’s page in turn to see where it comes from, and whether the quest it gives is Alliance or Horde only or both. If the quest is only available to the opposing faction, ignore it, and move on to the next item. Once you have a nice list of items you should be looking for, go out and get them. Of course, some of these quests you may have done before but not remember doing, so you won’t receive the drop, and some quest starters require quite a few kills to get to drop, so make sure you mop the floor with whatever drops them thoroughly before moving on to the next item.

There are several easy to miss quests for Alliance, mostly in Kalimdor, such as the right eye (left if you’re looking at it from the front) of the skull shaped entrance to Wailing Caverns, which must be approached from the mountain above, contains several quests for Wailing Caverns. Also, the Dire Maul book quest for your class will add a precious quest to Kalimdor as well, as it was one of the quests that have been reset if you have done it before back when people actually went to Dire Maul. Most of these will be found rather easily between combing the world with Low Level Quest tracking and using Wowhead’s show quest givers on the zone map option on each zone’s page, however, there are also a number of quests which begin inside dungeons, which can also be found with Wowhead.

Dungeon Preparation

Before running a dungeon which you may have quests for, or a dungeon which you may not have quests for, as there are quests which start inside dungeons and count for the achievement which do not have quests for Alliance or Horde to go into them, you should search Wowhead for the dungeon zone and look at it’s quest tab, which shows quests that not only start inside the dungeon, but also quests which relate to the dungeon but start elsewhere. For instance, here is Razorfen Downs’ page with the quest tab already selected: Razorfen Downs.

As you can see, there are seven quests for Razorfen Downs, three Horde only quests, one Alliance only quest and three quests available to both factions. That’s four quests that will more than likely count towards Kalimdor. The Alliance only quest starts in the Cathedral in Stormwind, while two of the quests available to both factions start inside the dungeon and one of the quests available to both factions start just outside the tunnel leading to the dungeon entrance. You can determine where the quest starts by going to the quest’s page, and then clicking on the link to the NPC which starts it at the right of the page, which will display a map of the NPCs location, or if the NPC is found within the dungeon, it will tell you so without a map.


While you might not yet have Loremaster, with the strategy presented here, along with the various tips and tools, it will only be a matter of weeks until you’re done. If you’re lucky and you’re a completionist like me, who did almost every quest I could find back before Burning Crusade or Low Level Quest tracking or Gold for EXP at the level cap, then you’re probably already most of the way there. If you’re one of those people who skip whole continents in the pursuit of faster leveling, then I hope you have a hell of a lot of time on your hands to run around one shotting endless amounts of level 16 mobs to increase that achievement tracker by one notch.

Upon completion of “Loremaster”, you will receive the prefix title “Loremaster” and the “Loremaster’s Colors”, a potato sack, err… tabard, with a yellow exclamation point which you can wear, or not.

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