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Battle-Bots are out in the US … and in EU
I talked about the Mountain Dew Battle-Bots plenty of time in the past weeks and they are now available in game! Even if it is clearly an US only event it seems that the bot is currently available in Europe …. All you need to do is :

  • 1. Link your WoW account to a Battle.Net account on the US or EU website.
  • 2. Register on Moutain Dew Gamefuel website and login.
  • 3. Click the picture at the bottom right to redeem your pet, login on
  • 4. Click the “Redeem Item” button at the bottom of the page, even if it says US only it definitely works for EU players too.
  • 5. Connect to the game and just get your bot in the mail!

I’m not really sure if it will be fixed and if EU players will be able to keep their pets but … I guess it’s worth trying.

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