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So, I was farming ores for titansteelbar the other day on my lvl 71 alt paladin and finally it’s WG time. (all annoying lvl 80 elemental mobs disappear for a sweet time)
Let the battle begin!“, cheers, I run into the fire elementals place to pick up the tasty veins without getting to worrying about the stupid mobs.

After some seconds or so, maybe about a minute, I see all mobs respawning(!??) and I go emo n like “nooooooo waat!”.


edit: It looks like they capture WG in like 3 seconds in the first picture, slightly misshowing, it should be a “gap”
there but since I took screenshot standing still it somehow “floats” in and fits perfectly – NOT my intention)

As you can see, I receive wg mark of honor not to far away from “let the battle begin”. I find this very disturbing! So, I talk with a friend of mine that had been defending and he had witnessed A FULL CONVOY of siege engines attacking the fortress from the west, broke trough as knife and butter with their crowd of massive firepower and captured with almost no resistance.

So, how is this possible?

Today I found out (80% sure).
I helped some ally friends later on today and killed some hordes and got myself a nice rank. In the middle of the battle a friend arrived so I logged off.

When I loggin some hour after it’s another WG, and guess what – Still have my rank from previous battle.

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