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This is a tip where you can
skill up ranged weapons without running out of mobs or getting attacked

As part of the argentum tournament event blizz seems to have changed some
mobs combat mechanic to attack only those players which are sitting one of
those event mounts. What this means for you is that without sitting on a
event mount you can savely park your character at the mob, hit the autoshot
button and enjoy your easy skillup.

Further Info:
Those guys are elite and have 23k hp so even as a lvl 80 autoshot will take
quite a while to take one down and you mostly will find 2-3 of those arround you so it runs smootly without wasting time

It might be also a easy xp spot but can’t say anything about that since i was
there with a lvl80 char, going to ckeck the xp tomorrow
(getting there without a flying mount takes some time and many deaths)

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