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So, in the ZIP, you’ve got a bot to farm nodes / herbs and a fishbot.
They are REALLY basics, no very good programs.

I did those projects 3 years ago.
Both bots are ONLY PIXEL READING !

I / WoWFarmer

This BOT just scan your minimap to find if there is a node / herb that you track in game.
When it will find one, it will move your character (using minimap coords) to the node, catch it and then go back.
Some emotes are spammed sometimes.

II / MyFisher

Same, pixel scanning.
You’ll have to select bober color in game, the bot will calibrate, and start trying to fish.

So use it as you like, just don’t sell it.
Again, this is for learning purpose, for beginners !

The LINK : RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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