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This is a little app I’ve been using for a while to farm instances like SFK (for Shadowfang), where I only need to kill a few bosses. It’s nothing crazy but I thought I would release it to anyone who’s interested.

What it does: Like the old XYZ hack, this allows you to change your character’s X, Y, and Z position without getting banned. It also allows you to walk through the air at a given Z height, regardless of whether there is solid ground beneath you or not.

How to use it: Here are the default commands:

Numlock 8 – increase Y position
Numlock 5 – decrease Y position
Numlock 6 – increase X position
Numlock 4 – decrease X position
Numlock 7 – increase Z position
Numlock 9 – decrease Z position
Numlock 0 – toggle air walk on/off

So, for example, say you wanted to increase your Z for a few seconds, and air walk at that new Z height, you would do the following: Press num 7 until you reach your desired height, press space to lock in the new Z value, and then immediately press num 0 to begin air walking, and move forward. When you finish air walking, press num 0 again to toggle it off and you will fall to the ground.

Useful Applications:

  1. Instance farming – As I mentioned, this has helped me a lot when it comes to farming instances. In SFK, shadowfang only drops from the 5 bosses that are level 21+. With K2, I can kill those 5 bosses in around 2 min without running through the entire instance. Edit: I posted a video guide on how to farm SFK here.
  2. Exploration – This can also be used in tandem with a speed hack to quickly and easily explore all zones without the need for a flying mount. You would just change your Z to a large value, like 1400, toggle air walk, and explore each zone area without worrying about mob aggro or mountains.
  3. Terrain obstacles – It can also, obviously, be used to circumvent terrain obstacles like mountains, doors, etc. When I tested the app in Iron Forge, I was able to get into Old IF in seconds. There’s really no place you can’t reach with it (except in water, at the moment ).
  4. Battlegrounds – I also used this in WSG to cap the flag in under 70 seconds, and got the Warsong Expedience achievement. Note: This is risky and I don’t advise using this program where people can see you. I, however, have not been banned/suspended from using this app since I created it. I also only tried K2 in WSG once. Just use common sense when using the app. If somebody sees you flying through Wintergrasp in the air and dropping down to mine a node, obviously you’re being too risky with it.

Planned Features: K2 is by no means finished. I’m hoping to add a lot of new features to it sometime in the near future. Some include…

  1. Water walking
  2. Free reign of camera
  3. Ability to modify other aspects of the physics in WoW, like falling speed, gravity, and jump speed.
  4. Ability to enter a user-defined value for XYZ, instead of only incrementational movements
  5. other stuff I can’t think of right now…

and of course, if you guys have any questions or suggestions for improvements, I will make it a point to try to check this thread regularly.

Download Links:

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  1. by jord, on October 28 2009 @ 8:39 am


    dude it wont work i cant fly ?

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