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Download: here
Latest Version: 3.0.43

Put simply this program presses keys, it’s intentions to spam keybindings of your players spells. With a mix of macro’s and this program you can help prevent human error, competitve dps and take the mundane button bashing for hours on end away. You control when it spams these keys with an activation key which is set on the program.

I’ve created profiles for Hunter (sv/mm/bm), Paladin (retri), Death Knight (blood), providing the attack sequences and macro’s to use as examples. However this is not a fully documented solution yet, the ideal solution is you understand what this program can offer you, and you create your own profile.

As i love playing new classes i will eventually be building profiles for all classes and levels, plus providing the details needed to use it. But this is very time consuming and will not be completed any time soon so give the program a try and see what you can come up with.

Help files are located in the Help folder.

Please note this is developed with Visual Basic 6 SP5. It does not come with all the runtimes files needed to reduce zip size, if you are missing one of these files you can easily download them from microsoft/google.

** This is not an automated bot, it does not play the game for you. **


Left image shows Marksmanship profile loaded and in use
Right image shows profile editor of the Marksmanship profile.

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