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I programm only with Windev (look on the web). Not in C# or AutoIT.

So. I developp a Fish bot one year ago. This bot only works with screenshot and pixel scan. No injection or read memory.

– Only thing you have to is to configure WoW’s graphical options like the screenshot in the bot’s tuto (include in the bot).
– Need to play Wow in windowed mode (maximized or not). You can place the Wow’s window where you want before you start fishing.
– Then you configure your key like other bot to put bobber, or start fishing.
– To fish, place the camera correctly (you need to see your character 3/4 up, look tuto or video to see how).
– You start the bot .
– You configure the tolerance too find when the splash appear.

No more profile to load when you change spot.
No more color’s calibration to find bobber.
No memory scan, only pixel scan.
Can detect /tell


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