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AuktionatorBidding with pleasure

Yo guys,

today i want to introduce a program to you, thats called “Auktionator”. Its a german program -> german name ๐Ÿ˜› Translated, it basicly means “Auctionator”.. obvious, isnt it


– Bidding with pleasure:
It shows you the EXACT time (with seconds) when an auction ends! So you can bid on an auction 1-2 secs before end, and get an item a lot cheaper! Ill show u a few pics:

– Works with german AND english client!

– Double click on an auction brings you up to an item database, with infos



Item ID = Item ID lol ๐Ÿ˜›
Name = name
Anzahl = amount
lรƒยคuft ab = ends in
Std. = hours
Min. = minutes
Sek. = seconds
Sofortkauf = buyout


Just talk to an auction NPC, open the program, choose english or german database, click refresh (not nessesary). Finished =)


Virustotal. MD5: 29e2596066b6c8a7e907204fcb2b26d6 Suspicious File


Klick me!

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