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How to Play WoW with an Proxy

1. Go to Download Proxifier and download the latest Version!

2. Install it, then open it, and go to “Options” -> “Proxy Settings” then a Window Pop’s up.

3. Klickon “Add” and Add an Proxy…
… in “Adress” type the Proxy Ip example:, and in “Port” type the Port of the IP example: 22552, Protocol can be 4 or 5, i prefer 5.
Then klick on “OK”.

4. Then start WoW, and you play WoW with an Proxy-Server!

Helpful Tricks!

When you wanna search an Proxy-Server goto Proxy List 1 – Proxy 4 Free – Protect Your Online Privacy! This is a good Site for Proxys…

When you wanna test an Proxy, Open Proxyfier and there are Icons example, DNS, find an icon called “Proxy Checker”, kick on it, then it Pop Ups an Windows, klick on “Proxy Server” type in youre Proxy-IP(Server) and klick on “Start Testing”

Proxyfier works with other Programms to, example: “Mozilla Firefox”, one Problem is there is only a limited Version of 31 Days. You can try to download Proxyfier again with an other Proxy-Programm(Ip-Changer)…

To play WoW with an Proxy is “Legal”, but not Supported, this mean when you didn’t can connect or something Blizzard will not help you.

The thing is, you need a good Proxy, this mean, some Proxys work, and you got in WoW 3000MS, other Proxys work very well, and you got 200MS.

When you wanna scam people, and you dont have an Internet-Cafe next to you, then you use this Method it works very well!
I had test it!
You “can’t” get banned definitive!

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  1. by Aion @ School -, on August 30 2009 @ 6:27 pm


    […] sure if it works, but this is what I found searching for the way to play WoW via a proxy. How to Play WoW with a Proxy | Booty Bay WoW Exploit Community __________________ Desu […]

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