First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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This is the old and rare-to-find version which is simple as f*ck

This program is for you if you want to bot any battleground without getting the lame “afk” I earn around 10-20k over a night and 40+ marks!

100% Safe , I have even taken the time to get this program with working serial key which gives you as a member of this community (and the pesty leechers) a chance to get that furious belt you wanted for so long but you just couldnt farm by yourself.

This shit is so noob friendly that if you cant understand this after this small (with screenshots for tards) tutorial – you should become a hero for a certain minority in our society commonly known as retards.

First picture

Here you start with starting tasker, now choose record (this will record all ur keyboard+mouse strokes&movements)

Now record by pressing on the wow window, then choose battleground, then press the one you desire


Now press spacebar once to jump!( anti afk )

Snap! you won, press on exit bg points

Well now ur done, and just press stop recording and play, now go to bed/meet ur girl/school whatever and come back with lots of marks and honor!

Take care !

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