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If you wish to donate, click the “news” page inside the bot!

Current version: v1.2
Not only for Refer-a-Frienders anymore!

Heads up: In v1.2 you can now SAVE your settings!

Download BAF:
Release_BaF_v_1_2.rar (106 KB)

I don’t really know how to explain how this is indeed a bot…
But some people say pictures (in this case, video) is like a thousand words.

So lets start off with what this really is..

v1.2 Application features: (not updating this, read the changelog)
– Only performs in background
– No memory editing, just reading
– Hide/show the automated wow window
– General status
– Customizable actions, spells, delays, pretty much everything
– Tracking
– Pathing

v1.2 Ingame features: (not updating this, read the changelog)
– Follow (even if it breaks, once you’re near – it’ll reset it.)
– Attack (assisting really, target a mob and it’ll run your spell sequence!)
– Notifying (if your bot runs low on hp, it’ll yell at you! (of course, options..))
– Whisper status (running bot on a proxy computer? whisper your character with the current status)
– …and lots more!

Report bugs properly, what error, what happens, what did you set in the settings, etc. and I will fix them asap.

Is this detectable?
– Sure, just like any other application. It is less likely that blizzard will take notice of it though.
Can I run it on Vista x64?
– I honestly don’t know, I haven’t even tried it out
* Reported not working on several occasions, tell me if you can run it on x64, thanks.
Can I run multiple instances of this?
– Yes, by renaming your wow process, you can also multi-instance the bot.
Does this work with proxy-computers?
– Yes.
How likely is it that I’ll get banned for using this?
– A lot less likely than using a unmonitored bot.
Will you be making updates?
– Yes, when I enjoy updating and have time.

(I’m aware of that there is currently no save function. That’s my priority atm.)

Changelog 1.0 -> 1.1:
Added tracking
Added top-most function
Added opacity function
Added pet aggro function
Added “don’t afk” function (works just like any other afk bot, just thought it’d be neat to have in there)
Fixed window/process recognition, this is now done automatically (check your app settings)
Fixed several crash-bugs
Fixed hide/show bug
Fixed several delay issues
+ Revamped GUI fully! There’s now a visual XP/HP bar and the whole form has been made lighter

Changelog 1.1 -> 1.2:
Added “news” tab, check it at least once a day!
Added donation button on top of the news page, in case anyone wants to donate to this precious project.
Added saving feature (save via the “app” tab once you’re done with your settings.)
Added “Units” and “Herbs etc.” as tracking devices
Fixed several minor bugs (report if you get one!)
+ More!

Screenshot of v1.1:

Planned features upcoming in 1.3:
XML waypoints (priority 1)
Bug fixes (priority 2)
BG bot (priority 3)
Visual tracking device (priority 4)
Grind bot (priority 5) (Even though the prio may be low, I will try to get it done fast!)

So keep looking in the thread! =)

Refer-a-Friend and Bot-a-Friend GUIDE:…made-easy.html

YouTube – Bot a Friend

” title=”YouTube – Bot a Friend” target=”_blank”>YouTube – Bot a Friend

YouTube – Bot a Friend

If you get this error:

You need to launch the application after entering the game.
If this is annoying enough, it’ll be fixed in 1.3.

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  1. by freebie, on August 26 2009 @ 3:53 pm


    wow this is awesome thanks.

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