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** WARNING ** This not is not in a finished state. You should consider this as an alpha release intended for TESTING ONLY **

We have just released the first public test vesion of BabBot.

The current feature list is limited to the following:
– Works on both XP and Vista
– Runs as guest
– Can launch WoW client or attach to an already running one
– Has included C# scripting support (for combat and various scripts)
– Can learn waypoints and walk through them
– Can unstuck
– Can fight

Still missing:
– Profile Load/Save
– Running to vendor/repair
– Key/Action bindings
– Definitions for different classes
– Automatic looting

I know perfectly that some missing features are very important, but for those that have been following the discussion about this bot, it all started as a study and has now moved to an Open Source project at SourceForge.
This means that if you’re willing to lend a hand with code (it’s written in C#) you can jump in and join the development team and help bringing in all the missing features.

Have fun with it. All bug reports should go to the Trac at SourceForge:

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