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This Bot is still in its BETA stage


The bot is called iChant, its an automated enchanting leveler.
It was made mostly out of laziness for having to re-enchant
the same item over and over again just to gain few levels in
my profession.

As of right now (5/05/09) its currently in its first BETA stage.
But all are welcome to test out what is ready for the public.
Also its being coded by me.

When complete the bot will be apple to apply a specific
enchant onto either an equipped item on your character
or an item in a specific bag slot. It will apply the enchant
for an X amount of times. For example you can have it
apply Minor Agility on the bracers you have equipped 5
times thus gaining you 5 levels in enchanting (assuming
the enchant is still within rang)



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PASSWORD: mmowned

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