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Does everybody know about how Inscriptors can make their own Darkmoon Cards? No? Well, basically Inscriptors have the ability to, for quite expensive mats, create a random Darkmoon card.
Sounds like one of those things that’s nice, but not really helpful, doesn’t it?

I mean, what are the odds of actually getting the card you need? Well, with my trick, pretty damn good.

1. Be an inscriptor (This goes without saying…)

2. Obtain the mats used to create a random Darkmoon Card
(Darkmoon Card of the North – Thottbot: World of Warcraft) That’s the level 80 version, there’s also a 70 and 60

3. Have the card you want to duplicate. I recommend an ace, but if you’re just testing it, sevens are pretty cheap.

4. Fill the rest of your bags with random shit.
If you have done this correctly, you should have:
All of the mats to make the random card
The card itself that you wish to duplicate
Every other bag slot full of random crap

Note: You should not be able to fit anything else in your bags. It should be FULL

5. Begin spam clicking the “create” button for the card creation. It should tell you over and over again that you don’t have bag space.
However, after a long time (since I used an ace, I had to wait about five minutes just to get it), it will finally create, and stack with the card you already have!

Thus, you have just learned a method of choosing exactly what card you want with one spell. Some of these cards go can go for 3000 gold, so I would recommend not clogging the Auction House with these.

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  1. by Ricccs, on November 18 2009 @ 11:42 pm


    This definitely does not work. Set up AutoIT to loop clicking with my bags full and a Three of Nobles in my bag. Overnight. Notta.

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