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Today i’have finished my final version of my first wow hack : BH-Teleport.
That’s due to the help of the Memory Editing forum that I’ve writen this hack in C#.

This hack is based uppon teleport fonction that only works on private server (So i need help to make this undectable on live server)
I’have created many new hack fonctions with the teleport fonction :
-Teleport fonction (of course)
-XYZ Hack (faster)
-XY Front hack -the name is bad- (a XYZ hack which teleports the player ahead, that works with rotation)
-Cursor Hack (view movies)
-Target Hack (teleport on/behind target)
-Panic Hack (teleport when player life is under a quota)
-Object Manager function (dump the position of player, unit and gameobject, then to teleport uppon)
-Corpse Teleport (when your die give the corpse location)
-Macro (allow you to chain many teleports with possibility to add few commands – save in XML format)
-Teleport list (a classic list of locations – save in XML format – can load INI format)

Other function(s) comming soon :
-Dodge hack (self-teleport to “kitting” a mob)

The hack can be fully parameterizable (hotkeys, values, GUI and language)
I’ve added error.exe, it’s intercepting error triggers in the hack, you can also send a report to me (by mail)
There’s also an auto-update system for the new features

Movie :

(Comming soon)

Screenshot :

How to use :
Select Wow process before using
To use a fonction first start a hack then press corresponding hotkey to active it.
(Example with default hotkey)
XYZ Hack :
Numpad 4 = teleport to west
Numpad 6 = teleport to east
Numpad 8 = teleport to north
Numpad 5 = teleport to south
Numpad 7 = teleport up
Numpad 9 = teleport down

XY Hack Front :
Numpad 2 = teleport ahead the player

Cursor Hack :
Numpad 0 = enabled/disabled cursor
Numpad 1 = teleport to cursor

Target Hack :
Numpad 3 = teleport uppon the target
Add = teleport behind the target

Panic Hack :
Settings position and quota to use it

Object Manager :
Unit/GameObject/Player Name = found all the object with this name
“[Search All]” = found all object dumped
“[Search NPC]” = found all NPC dumped
“[Search Player]” = found all Player dumped
“[Search Ressources]” = found all Gameobjects dumped

Macro :
Click on refresh list to show teleport location (muss load a teleport profil) and on “add command” to add a command :
Key pressed = send key on active window
Sleep = stop program during a time (in ms)
ShiftZ = add this value to Z location of teleportation
Check “Enable macro hotkey” to use macro hotkey
After teleport the program paused during 100 ms and press left and right arrows to show the player

Link :

BH-Teleport v1.0 for 2.4.3 :…#91;2.4.3].rar
BH-Teleport v1.0 for 3.0.9 :…#91;3.0.9].rar
BH-Teleport v1.0 for 3.1.0 & 3.1.1 :…#91;3.1.1].rar

Scan :…f054e16ef079cf

My site web (under construction) :

No more in developpement :/

F.A.Q :

“The program does not launch and shows me an windows error”
-> Check if you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed. It’s compulsory. Check if you have the good version (X86 for Windows 32 bits or X64 for Windows 64 Bits)
Check also if the 2 .DLL (Blackmagic.dll and fasm_managed.dll) are in the program folder.

“When I launch the program I have an error with an XML file”
-> It’s because config.xml is corrupted, change by the default config file.

“I run on a laptop and when I launch the program i get an error”
-> Use the default config file for laptop, it use the Fonctions key instead of num pad keys.

“The program launch but i get an error when i open WoW.exe process”
-> If you are on Windows Vista, you must run the program in Administrator Mod. (Right click on .exe -> Run as administrator).

“The program open WoW.exe, I activate an hack fonction but when I use I get a crash”
-> Check your WoW Version, BH-Teleport work on WoW 3.1.1, 3.0.9 and 2.4.3 (other build).
You must be in game otherwise the hack don’t work.

“Cursor hack bug, it make anythink”
-> This bug is know (I don’t still find the origin), you must restart BH-Teleport to fix the problem.

“When I activate an hack fonction, the program tell me that this bind is no disponible”
-> Don’t launch two instance of BH-Teleport (or don’t put the same bind).

“I use teleportation macro but sometimes it teleport me in empty”
-> You can’t teleport from a continent to another, it’s impossible for the moment.

“Every time I teleport I’m disconnected from server and my character is replaced where I was”
-> Restart BH-Teleport. If the problem persist it’s because your serveur is cheat protected. Edit in proprieties, the wait time (sleep) and the pushed touch. Try several combinations to bypass the anti-cheat.

Update :

v1.0.0.0 :
-End of beta version
-Error exception are intercepted
-Can report the error
-Translate in english with possibility to choose the language
-Check the last version and give the download link
-Splashscreen during the check
-Work with 3.1.0 & 3.1.1 wow version
-Found corpse position
-Refresh object manager list
-New command for macros : Z Shift
-Give the player MapID
-Automatically fills the new line of profil list (Name, MapId and position)
-Online help added
-Version more stable
-Bugs fixed

v0.4.2.2 :
-Cursor Hack debuged, you can activate or desactivate with the same key
-The profil list automatically reload when you restart the windows
-Panic Hack work on 2.4.3 now
-Others minors bugs fixed

v0.4.2 :
-Fonction : Object Manager(New)
-Bugs with Target Hack and Cursor Hack fixed
-Code Reorganized to improve compatibility between version

v0.4.1 :
-Fonction : Panic Hack (New)
-Config file review
-BH-Teleport folder reorganised with some default config files.
-BH-Teleport automatically detect when WoW exit
-Processus windows review, now it’s a dialogue windows not a toolbox
-Minors bugs fixed

v0.4.0 :
-Partie configuration disponible
-New interface
-Personnalised interface
-Possibility to choose your binds
-Possibility to modifie the fonctions proprieties
-Compatibility (normally) on Windows 64 bits
-Possibility to reload the fonctions for loading time

v0.3.3 :
-Fonction : Target Hack & Rogue Hack (New)
-Fonction : XZ Front hack (New)
-Add enregistrable macros in XML format(New)
-Minors bugs fixed

v0.3.0 :
-First public release
-Fonction : Cursor Hack (New)
-Fonction : XYZ Hack (more faster)
-List of coordinates recordable in XML format
-Added video

The version can have more bug, please report bug here.
I will update BH-Teleport but I work on a another hack.
A new movie comming soon (by Bouba)

Special Thank’s to :
MMowned : Cypher, Unknowed, Jbrauman, all memory editing section
Cheat-w0w : Joker, Tirfal, Bouba, RaGe3X, Moimomo, all who have test BH-Teleport

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