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So, here it goes.
I believe this only works in Windowed mode.

First off, set your hearth in Dalaran.

Second, queue for a 2v2 skirmish.

If the map is Ring of Valor, stay in there.
If not, leave and requeue until you get Ring of Valor.

Right as the elevator starts to rise, hit escape, or whatever your Menu hotkey is then click logout.

There will be a little bit of lag as you logout, during this time manually exit WoW.

Whenever you log back in you’ll be in Dalaran.

Run to the portal room and click on IF or SW, Im not sure what youll need for horde, Im assuming the same effect will happen.

Once you do this you will be ported to the graveyard at Scarlet Monastery, dont ask me why, I have no clue.

Now, you have your arena partner queue you up for an arena match.

Various things can occur from this point.

Ring of Valor: Nothing seems to happen here.
Lordaeron: Youll usually end up in the opposing teams starting room.
Blades Edge Arena: Youll fall through the world.
Dalaran Arena: Havent done it on this map yet.

Anyways, the effect persists until you restart WoW.

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