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So today on a guild ulduar run we got to the conservatory, when we reached here my guild leader was having a fit with all the rare herbs just around the place.

Not only could he herb but i was also able to fish here.
Now there is also mobs which can be skinned in the conservatory.

The Herbs which he found where
– Goldclover
-Adder’s tounge

Excuse me if i’ve gotton the herbs wrong seeing im not a herber myself, and i wasn’t paying all that much attention to what he was herbing.

I think he got 30+ herbs, seeing we rushed that boss due to the realm going down, he didn’t really get all that much.

But if your going here by your self, you can just take the port to the conservatory and have fun farm fish and herbs.…9_190819-2.jpg

the screenshot is of me fishing only, i would of gotton a photo of the herbs but due to the rush srry.

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