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Q: Is this detectable?
A: Well I’ve used if from day from 1 fishing and now I have 300(Done it today ^^) It took around 7 hours stood in IronForge, and I am still running around WoW right now!

Q: Can I distribute this elsewhere?
A: Please don’t this is my work… How would you like if your work was stolen and someone claimed to of made it!

Q: Are you continuing this project?
A: Yes, I want to make it work perfectly. Without Pixelsearching too so I need to learn how to read and edit memory – If anyone can help me let me know!

Q: Virus Scan please?
A: Here you go: Virustotal. MD5: 279498c66484dcc57d8f4034cab2f365

If the link stops working here is a 2 screen shots edited together:2shared – download Proof.jpg

Q: Are these real questions?
A: Nope, just saves my answering them over and over again!

Q: Where can I download?
A: Here: 2shared – download Fish

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