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First of all, this exploit is working too with Arenas teams names and maybe Pet’s names, but it doesn’t work for characters names (You’ll get an unknown error from the server).

Found and tested myself with my guild, on live EU server:
WowJutsu: World of Warcraft Guild Rankings: Eldre’thalas
WowJutsu: World of Warcraft Guild Rankings: Eldre’thalas > |c0000cdf9Eternity|r

The color is visible on the /who list, and the mouse-over tooltips, but not above your head ingame.
/who xdlol
[Xdlol] – Level 12 Hunter <Guild Name> – The Barrens

After 3 weeks, I got reported and received mail from Blizzard. My guild was renamed without the color, but I didn’t get banned

Prerequisites: WPE Pro

The method to put the color is easy, when you choose your guild name, just type the color code like Addons-style color programming (ARGB??) |cAARRGGBBYour Guild|r

|c => The color tag
AARRGGBB => Your color
|r => End of the color tag

If you are not sure that your color is good, you can test ingame :
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(” \124cAARRGGBB Blah blaaah blablaaah \124r”);

Example :
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(” \124cffff80ff Blah blaaah blablaaah \124r”);

Will put “Blah blaaah blablaaah” in a very nice Pink !
Let’s try with this color : FFFF80FF, and with guild name: “CareBear”

Problem: The game does not allow to type “|”, or numbers in the name edit. => So we will modify it manually with WPE Pro.

You just have to find your name and check the entiere name length:
|cffff80ffCareBear|r => 20 characters length

Now find a VALID name to type in the name edit, with the same length !
Lol xd lawl roflmaoo => 20 characters length

Now converts the 2 names in Hex:
|cffff80ffCareBear|r => 7C 63 66 66 66 66 38 30 66 66 43 61 72 65 42 65 61 72 7C 72
Lol xd lawl roflmaoo => 4C 6F 6C 20 78 64 20 6C 61 77 6C 20 72 6F 66 6C 6D 61 6F 6F

Tip: Online String to Hex conversion: Convert String To Hexadecimal Online

In WPE Pro, make a filter who changes the fake name data to the colored name data :
7C 63 66 66 66 66 38 30 66 66 43 61 72 65 42 65 61 72 7C 72
4C 6F 6C 20 78 64 20 6C 61 77 6C 20 72 6F 66 6C 6D 61 6F 6F

Enable the filter, go the guild NPC and then buy your charter, called “Lol xd lawl roflmaoo”.
WPE Pro will change “Lol xd lawl roflamoo” by your colored name.

Congratulations, you get your colored guild charter

Image example : 3v3 Arena Team called “.!..o_O’” in Pink color:
|cffff80ff.!..o_O’|r => 7c 63 66 66 66 66 38 30 66 66 2e 21 2e 2e 6f 5f 4f 27 7c 72
Lol mdr xD roflmaooa => 4c 6f 6c 20 6d 64 72 20 78 44 20 72 6f 66 6c 6d 61 6f 6f 61

Ingame type a valid Team name :

Modify in WPE Pro your valid name to the colored wanted name :

Enjoy !

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