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Darkangel’s PvP Bot For AV and WSG v.04.2 BETA

This bot supports WSG and AV, for BOTH Horde and Alliance and you can ONLY start at the Orgrimmar/Stormwind Battlemasters.

*It joins the que, it joins the battleground,
*It leaves BG
*It runs a path in both BGs that are safe and structured
*It DOESNT Require any extra programs/addons!

WSG, it runs threw from start at Horde base to the Alliance base and when dead from graveyard to alliance base and repeat Untill BG is done, then it looks for the Leave Battleground button ( when the WSG is over ) and clicks it, then it runs the script aigan and joins the que!

Same path for alliance at WSG but to Horde Base.

AV, it just runs out of the tunnel,Mounts then runs to the old cavern and just jumps untill it finds that the AV has ended and it leaves and rejoin the AV que.



1. Extract the ZIP to your desktop. To do this you need to have WinRar installed. If not, download here,

2. Exit WoW(if its open) and start the Bot. Login to your character.

3. Put your mount on Action Bar 0

4. Start the program infront of the AV/WSG battlemaster in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. (Its Paused when it Starts WoW,Press F8 to start)

5. Go AFK and watch TV! Woohooo!

[Short Instructions]
To pause the bot, press F8
To Exit the bot, press F9

New Features in v0.4.2

* Rejoin BG Bug fix
* Que for BG bug fixed (Aigan lolz)
* Alliance WSG added

Comming Features,

* Memory Reading + XML waypoint support
* Enemy attacking humanlike
* Ghost Resurrect 100% working
* Relog on DC
* Beep on GM whisper and exit
* Auto Reply on whispers ( Good addon to solve this, WRUGS. Search on )
* Backround enable, so you can check your mail ect while its botting
* AV for Alliance, AB, Eots and Sota support

Current Projects,
* Darkangel Leveling Bot Progress 45& Stopped Temporarly
* Darkangel Fishing Bot Progress 94% Stopped

Bot made by Kallblodig [Mjauuu@]
Be easy on me, This is my first bot project!

Please report the bugs you find!


UPDATED BOTLINK Filebeam – Free Fast File Hosting

3 Comments so far »

  1. by jeff, on September 16 2009 @ 6:16 am


    i noticed there’s no exe file for your horde version…only for the alliance version and the pathing is messed up when i tried running it as horde…is there somewhere i can attain the horde run file?

  2. by Michael, on October 17 2009 @ 9:25 pm


    This does not work. I dl’d and extracted and all i got was txt files. If you look at the contents inside winRar then you will see the .exe files but they will not extract. Also, there is only wsg for ally and no av. I would not dl this till someone posts here that they were successful. The hidden .exe files might be viruses.

  3. by alan, on February 15 2010 @ 2:25 pm


    WOW it works he added more files but you need to add horde AV ty ty ty!

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