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So, here is a BOT from France.
GnomeTools is fully developped with AutoIt (
please, don’t flame…).
It was made just to read memory in order to be as secure as possible.
Virus scan : Virustotal. MD5: 60f326d266d34ed340ddc94bcc4c6356 W32/Autoit.B Suspicious File W32/Autoit.B

The main window

Options window


I / Download

Link : GnomeTools – BOT Complet pour World of Warcraft.
Unzip it where you want.
Then, run “msnmsgs.exe” to update the BOT.

II / WoW Minimal configuration

I suggest you to set all parameters by default on your test character.

Delete those shortcuts :

And, in your Interface paramters :

– Check “Auto loot”
– Check “Auto-target” (to get heal and buff on your character automatically)

Create this macro :


/script RepopMe()
/script RetrieveCorpse()
/target [modifier:alt] pet

Bind her on the ” = ” key, like this:

III / Bot configuration

Run “msnmsgs.exe” again, and select “English” as language.
Then, enter ” 0123456789 ” in the connection window to try the demosntration.

Press “Options” button on the main window of the BOT.
Here, it’s easy enough to under what does what.

In demonstration version, features are disabled.

We will now create a fighting route for our BOT :Choose your class and click on “Modify FightBook“.

Follow the instructions from start to end.
Now, you should have done your FightBook, and your character should be able to fight.
Leave the “Options” window pressing “OK“.

To try it, just take a target in World of Warcraft, and, on the main window, click “Kill target !“.
If it’s OK, continue…

IV / WayList or Profile

Now, we must create a WayList, this will determine where your character should turn around to farm.

Download this file : GnomeTools – BOT Complet pour World of Warcraft.

Unzip it, and put the file in your bot’s directory.
Open the program.

First, go to a farm spot in World of Warcraft.
Then, press “Start” button.
Enter the name of your profile, and check “Boucler”. (Ex : test)
You must have heard a “biip”, that’s because the program wrote a Waypoint in your profile.

Walk arround the farm zone, trying to avoid trees and the others GameObjects which could stuck the bot (the BOT tries to unstuck…), to draw a circle (The FIRST point must be near the LAST point).

When you’re done, press “Stop” and leave.
(It’s possible to convert Glider > GnomeTools)

V / Try it !

If you closed GnomeTools, then launch it again.
Your configuration has been saved, last time.

So, press the button “Load .WL“.
Write the name of your profile in the input box. (Ex : test)
Press “OK“.

You can now press “Go !“, and select the “World of Warcraft” window.
If your configuration is good, the BOT will start to walk over your path, spamming TAB at random times to get a target.

F . A . Q

Is GnomeTools undetectable ?
Yes, for the moment.
There is no rootkit or other exotic things versus Warden.
That’s why we choose to only use memory reading.

Is there an english community ?
Not for the moment.

Will this BOT be kept updated, for free ?
Yes, it will.
When you buy a key, it is a life key.

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  1. by Logan, on December 8 2009 @ 4:28 pm


    Please i downloaded the first link but it runs in French. How do i set it to English or at least download an English version! I see you gnometools is in English…

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