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Darkangel’s Horde PvP Bot For AV and WSG

This bot supports WSG and AV, Only for horde atm and you can ONLY start at the Orgrimmar Battlemasters.
*It joins the que, it joins the battleground,
*It DOESNT rejoin the que after Battleground yet…

WSG, it runs threw from start at Horde base to the Alliance base and when dead from graveyard to alliance base and repeat Untill BG is done.

AV, it just runs out of the tunnel, uses Frostwolf Isigna and runs around random. Place the Trinket on Action Bar 3, and Mount on Action Bar 0.


1. Put the WOW addon to the AddOns folder in side the WoW directory

2. Start WOW, when you are logged in to your character, dissable all features of the addon you just putted in the WoW Addons folder
exept for auto-join and auto-leave BG. Revive character instant ect, dissable thoose.

3. Put your mount on Action Bar 0 and your AV trinket on Action Bar 3.

4. Start the AV/WSG program infront of the AV/WSG battlemaster in Orgrimmar.

5. Go AFK and watch TV! Woohooo!

[Short Instructions]
To pause the bot, press F8
To Exit the bot, press F9

Comming Features,

* Memory Reading + XML waypoint support
* Enemy attacking humanlike
* Ghost Resurrect 100% working
* Relog on DC
* Re-enter the BG que
* Beep on GM whisper and exit
* Auto Reply on whispers ( Good addon to solve this, WRUGS. Search on )
* Backround enable, so you can check your mail ect while its botting
* AB, Eots and Sota support

Current Projects,
* Darkangel Leveling Bot Progress 45& Done
* Darkangel Fishing Bot Progress 94% Done

Bot made by Kallblodig [Mjauuu@]
Be easy on me, Im a complete noob at making bots

Please report the bugs you find!



Addon, TB Auto-BG – Addons – Curse

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