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There are 2 ways to do this.


  • Go to Orgrimmar hunter trainers.
  • Face the low wall that acts as a kind of fence from higher ground.
  • Jump onto the wall and follow it around about 15yds until you reach the spike.
  • Walk up the spike to the very top where it turns a kind of grey colour.
  • Mount up and run onto the roof nearest you.
  • Jump over the big brown spikey fence and there you are.


  • Go to the Orgrimmar battlemasters.
  • Turn left 90 degrees as you go out and walk into the tall tower building, following the ‘stairs’.
  • Jump out of the window onto the roof to the west of you.
  • Turn to face the roof of the building you just climbed the ‘stairs’ in.
  • Make sure you are a little to the left of the roof ‘tip’ and run and jump at the corner or the roof previously mentioned. (This will be trial and error a little so don’t give up when it gets a little tough.) Then jump a few times until you are safely on the roof.
  • Now that they have nerfed vehicle mounts the only way to do the next step is with polymorph. When on the roof you can see that there is a bit where the roof goes through the wall. If you stand around this area and get a mage friend of the oposing faction to sheep you then you can get onto the bit of the roof that is on the other side of the wall.
  • Jump down, the fall damage will kill you if you aren’t a rogue or druid or don’t have slow fall/noggenfogger.

Personally i would use the first option, but the second could be some fun.

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