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I do not know who this one is by but it’s not me, this was just forwarded to me in an e-mail. Anyways its awesome and check it out:

WoWInfinity Zero

Status: Undetected
Support: 3.0.9

While im waiting for a dll from one of our WoWInfinity developers so i can continue the work on WoWInfinity Elite I have decided to spend a little time developing a “lite” version of WoWinfinty that contains some funny and maybe useful features.

Current Features:

Numpad 8 – Nudge Forward (just like the XYZ hack(s))
Numpad 7 – Nudge UP (just like the XYZ hack(s))
Numpad 4 – Nudge Down (just like the XYZ hack(s))
(note that Nudge up and down MUST be used while moving or end the nudge with a jump, else you will get disconnected)

NPCHighlight Highlight all NPC’s and Players making them easier to spot from a distance and in dark areas.
AirSwim Let you swim in the air, (to avoid replicating the superfly hack from the commercial version too much I have decided to not allow you to move up and down)
Hack Camera Limit – Hack the limit on how far you can zoom out letting you zoom out as much as you want. (mousewheel zoom)

Basic tracking features including: Fish, Herbs, Tresures, Minerals, Totems, Giants, Beasts, Giants, Dragonkins, Undeas, Deamons, Humanoids, Elementals, Critters, Slimes and Machines

Set Time – Set the ingame time affecting the day and night cycle.
Set Time Speed – Set the time speed affecting the day and night cycle.
Drunken Monkey – Toggle underwater effect
Depth Test – Toggle depth test (makes it possible for you to see through walls)
Drunk Effect – Toggle drunk effect
Silly Mode – can’t explain it to you.. its just silly
SuperMario Mode
– can’t explain it to you.. its just supermario
Saturate – Saturate colors
Limit Alpha – remove all alpha “sprite” planes

Predator Vision – A Extended Field Of View patcher
Spectate Mode – Toggle spectate mode
Define Position – Lets you define X Y and Z coords for where you want to be with the spectate camera
Spectate Speed – Change the spectate camera speed

As new features arrive WoWInfinity Zero will ask if you want to autoUpdate, making it easy and convenient to stay up to date.

WoWinfinity Zero is a “open” development so anyone who are interested are welcome to contribute to the source (and gain credit), however to keep stuff away from Blizzard this part is on “request” only. So just PM me if you want to contribute.

To avoid stupid questions:

  • * You must be “in the world” before you run this hack.
  • * WoWInfinity Zero < WoWInfinity <> WoWInfinity Elite
  • * You must run the hack as “Administrator”, some Vista users might need to set this.
  • * The tool need internet to check for updates, and kill switch.
  • * Updates is not forced, you can just say “no” to the update.
  • * The hack MuST have access to WoW.exe in order to run.
  • * REMEMBER to turn off the hacks if you disconnect or logout, else you will recive the message “Unable to validate game version”
  • * Little tip: If you zoom way out and want to get back again quickly, just turn off the Cam Limit Hacker and hit mousewheel down. Then you will be back at your default maximum camera zoom.

Download at:


* Added Predator Vision (Extended FOV patcher)
* Added Define Position (A way to define X Y Z coords for the spectate cam for exploration)
* Removed No Camera Clipping (is now always on by default)
* Fixed a bug that could result in people not being able to get out of Supermario or Silly mode.

* Added Silly Mode (can’t explain it to you.. its just silly )
* Added SuperMario Mode
(can’t explain it to you.. its just supermario )
* Added Saturate (saturate colors)
* Added Limit Alpha (remove all alpha “sprite” planes)
* Not having wow open while running WIZ will prompt a proper error and not a general one.

* Added Hack Cam Limit (Hack the limit on how far you can zoom out letting you zoom out as much as you want)
* Auto Window Name Generation

* Added Airswim
* NudgeForward, located at Numpad 8
* NudgeUP, located at Numpad 7
* NudgeDOWN, located at Numpad 4

* Added Toggle Spectate
* Added Toggle No Camera Collision
* Added Set Spectate Speed
* Fixed a bug that caused some input boxes to appear underneath the GUI

* Initial Release

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  1. by ryan, on February 27 2010 @ 1:53 pm


    How do i open it when i log into the game?

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