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This exploit involves getting free gametime to play on your account with, its legal and non bannable / suspendable!

Firstly this starts off by using the bill to home phone option on your account management page, “You must pay for at least 1 month for this to work”

Second after that gametime is up that you used “Bill to Home Phone” with call your phone company and tell them you dont want “Payment One” payments deducted from your phone bill!

Thirdly log into account management select “Bill to home phone” option for payment selection select any type of payment plan and begin playing FREE OF CHARGE….

The only setback to this is you need to do this about every 2-3 hours it will say your gametime has run out, I have been doing this for about 2 months now with no problems! I can post screenshots if someone can give me a link of where to upload them to please!

Heres The Screenshots, Its the email you get when you selcet the bill to phone, letting you know that the payment is pending and YOU CAN PLAY ON THE ACCOUNT WHILE ITS PENDING!!!!

Next email is what you get after they dont accept it usually about every 2-3 hours you gotta re-do this payment process for free time

The other two are just of my account showing that the payment is pending and wow account is active for playing.

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