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Enchanter 325
Jewelcrafter ~400 (enough to make green level 70 jewelry)

There are 4 pieces we are interested in. The ones that require 2 Crystallized Earth and 1 green gem.

Sun Rock Ring
Crystal Citrine Necklace
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
Bloodstone Band

These all have the same dis-enchant rates.

You need a little time to set this up. First you’ve gotta get a few people doing work for you. Easy enough to accomplish this. Just advertise you’re looking for stacks of the green gems and stacks of Eternal Earth. You might have to try with a few different price points before you get a reply. Once you do, tell them to send you as much as they have CoD, whenever they have it.

Once you get a few people sending you stuff when they farm it, your set. Start crafting the rings and dis-enchanting. Then sell the dust/cosmics.

Remember not to undercut people by more than 9.5% or so. This allows you to get profit and ensure that other people don’t buy your stuff and sell it at their higher prices. Since they would be taking a .5% loss.

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