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Today I was doing some quests, and while playing around, I fell over a little funny something.

I could run backwards on my mount will full speed. If you try walking backwards, you will walk very slow.

Anyways, you have to see your character from the side, and run on A and D, while keeping your camera on the side of you character by using right mousebutton.
While pressing A, simply slide your mouse a little to the right, so the character will turn a little too, and then hit D(still keep right mousebutton down). After hitting D, you will have to hold your mouse tight, or else you will be turned around, as you should have been in the beginning. That also means, you can only run straight backwards (and jump while running!), making it kind of useless, but still fun.

I tested this on my BE paladin and my DK, were it worked. If someone is willing to help, I got a 120mb video I can upload. (I looked forums for a videoguide, but found none? )

It didn’t work on my hunter though, don’t know if it was because of the mammoth. 😛

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