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 All Credits on This Go To: GraZC

I’m releasing the compiled and source code to my latest project i called GRotation. It simply is a glorified keyspammer i used when playing classes to hit spells for me, mixed with some macro’s and actually knowing how to play resulted in alot more constant dps and reduction of human error, plus the fun of being able to kite while still firing off instant casts.

This project is however cancelled now as i’m disappointed with what i’ve made and rewriting it from scratch. The two images show the example profile i made for a survival hunter to spam 4 keys constantly. I had wrote quite abit of documentation on the program which is found in the [help] folder, however this project never really got cleaned up enough to be a proper release so it may confuse some.

The source code is for Visual Basic 6 SP6 (old i know), but has quite abit of commenting as i tend to forget what i’m doing half the time, i’m sure the rest of you programmers know this as well. Ah well enough text here it is.

Download compiled: here
Download source: here

Few Notes
The activation key is a key pressed on the keyboard that starts the spam, best off not using a key you’ll be pressing alot (like a letter), default i used was \, i noticed on some non-british keyboards the layouts differ so may result in it not working with that key, everythings changable in the profiles and such.

I used this on the following classes Hunter, Paladin, Death Knight, Warrior, Rogue, some were successful for farming and raiding, others just general killing, most the work is done by yourself on figuring out how to take advantage of it. Definetly takes the edge of endless farming too.

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