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Currentley working with: 3.0.9 9551

Installation Instructions
1. Download and extract the files to any folder you like.
2. If you dont have .NET Framework 3.5 make sure you download and install it

1. Log into World of Warcraft.
2. Go to your favorite lake/fishingspot.
3. Setup the options as you wish
4. Press the start button
5. Choose process and click start, if theres none in the list you press refresh or on the list.
6. Press the button to the right of stop to hide wow or just minimize it or leave it as normal
7. Turn autoloot on if your not using the injected feature for looting as that will loot evrything for you.
8. If ure extra paranoid follow this tutorial and hide the process from the taskmanager, Only works on windows XP tho Hiding MrFishIt with a Rootkit
9. Enjoy!

How it works
It Read/Writes from/to wow to get Object’s and to Interact with them.
It check’s if your dead alive etc. Works on Vista/Xp
For those of you having problems with wow freezing you shoud consider disable the UAC or use this tool i found:
Ignore UAC for specific programs – Martin Zugec blog
install it follow the instructions on the site and after your are done right click the wow executable -> Elevate Me and it shoud work

Fish ?
Run several copies of wow at the same time (you need more than 1 account to do that).
Run wow minimized (you can do other stuff at the same time)
Apply fishing lure whenever it wores off
Can logout after a set ammount of minutes
Can stop when inventory is full


Shynd for his blog & BlackMagic
Korkbob for a offset that changed
MaiN for writing the lua for the relure

Legal Note and Misc
This software may not be used on any of Blizzards servers… yadayada

File Type: rar [] Mr Fish It v3.1.2 2009-02-15.rar (241.1 KB, 80 views)

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