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Amphitheater of Anguish – WoWWiki – Your guide to the World of Warcraft
We did this with the lvl 75 player, an 80 deathknight, and an 80 healer.
You have the lower level player by himself, and the dps healer in their own group.

You complete the chain till the last boss, then you get the lower level player to start the last boss. The Champion of Anguish – Quest – World of Warcraft
Run up to the other end, tag the elephant and the rider, then get your dps to kill him quickly, abandon quest, rinse repeat.
Once we got into the swing of things, it took us just over 2 minutes from starting the event, to starting it again.
30,000xp x 30 = 900,000 xp/ph

Also, you cannot heal the elephant yourself, but members of the opposing faction can.

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