First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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I made it just 10 minutes ago and its 100% working and safe! (I guess)

Well simple, all you need to do is just buy [Aromatic Honey Brew] (The brew of the month) Then wait till WG start when the other faction controling the keep, I recommend to wait about 5 minutes before doing this to make sure there will be no one from your enemy to disturb the exploit and attack/CC you etc…

Now fly from icecrown with your flying mount to the main gate and land when your STICKED to the gate! otherwise all the mobs will start to attack you!

The brew cause the same effect of fear, so just spam drink it till its fear you and hope for luck! If your lucky enough, its will just fear you inside the door and you will win instently

Since the door is so big, you got a very big chence to make it, made it 2 times today and 1 yesterday, made it in all of them at the second try

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