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I recently (recently = today) farmed my Bloodsail Admiral title in 3 hours total. All the way from 36,000 in Hated to Honored (yes, I know I only needed Friendly but I am working towards this new achievement Insane in the Membrane – Achievement – World of Warcraft)


I had a Tankadin with a Mechano-Hog do the dirty work. The mechano-hog is immune to the stupid “Net” that all the guards in Booty Bay throw at you while grinding. So for all you have to do is go through town (solo or in a group) on your Hog and agro every thing and bring it back to a pre-determined point where AoE is waiting, dismount, consecrate, and burn the hell out of the town in one pull. Literally.

We found that the best way to do this in a 2 man group was to start in the water where the ramp is leading up to the middle of Booty Bay. Hop on the Hog and agro everything as you ride up to the Horde Flight Master… dismount…. kill…. EASY rep.

Like I said, grinded from 36,000 in Hated to Honored in only 3 hours.

Here is a SS of an alternate pulling method we tried (didn’t work as well as the water entrance, mobs ran away)

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WoW Booty Bay

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