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1. Find a program that can limit your incoming network connection. Configure it to limit incoming packets to 5 to 20 a second. I use Netlimiter2 for this.
2. Approach a mob in an area you have access to, have it begin killing you, try not to attack it in case someone comes along and decides to kill it. (IE: Hostile or Red mobs.)
3. When you’re about to die, wait a few seconds until the mob should have killed you, switch on the limit, and run into the areas you want to discover. You can pop sprint or use speed potions BEFORE switching the limiter on to increase your speed, or use a process speed hack if you want to take a risk.
4. Eventually you will either DC or Die. Switch off the limit and rez at the exact spot you died. Rinse and repeat.

ZOMG WHAT HAPPENED!? You’re dead server side, but you can still move client side since your client hasn’t been notified of your death. Your corpse will look as if it slides across the ground. This can be done in instances to speed things up for the runner. Since you can’t get XP while you’re dead, you still discover.

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