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No this is not Bannable.
This depends on your AH prices.. Luckily Im on a retard Server with insane prices ^^

350 Enchanting
400 Blacksmithing
About 300g to start with.

An alt with 375 Mining. (will help)
6000g+ 😛 (To own the market)

[Helpfull Addons]
Some MailMod (CT_MailMod?)

[Pre 3.0.9]
So remember Horned Cobalt Helm?
Costed 8x Cobalt Bar to create and often disenchanted into Cosmic essence or high
number of infinite dust? A pure gold mine for us Blacksmithers/Enchanters.
This got way downed due to market prices getting spammed with mats..
No longer usefull

[In 3.0.9]
bubu FU Auction House xD
I found another thing that works just the same 😛 Notched Cobalt War Axe
Notched Cobalt War Axe – Thottbot < CLICKABLE LINK
Costs 10x Cobalt Bar and disenchants only into Greater Cosmic Essensces.
Yeah it costs more mats BUT the price off bars has gone down MASSIVELY.
So what I do is simply OWN the market of ALL Greater Cosmic Essence
Anyway lets get onto the guide.

[ALTERNATIVE- Aquiring Bars Via Ores (AH but Cheaper)]
Why do i have this here? Well Ores are Usually cheaper then Bars so simply buy ores
and smelt 😛
So if you managed to level an alt and have 375 mining, simply go and learn the
[Smelt: Cobalt Bar] recipe from the trainer in Howling Fjord and go to the inn and then log your main.
Buy ALL Cobalt Ores you can find for reasonable prices (at my AH its 1.1g each)
Send em to your alt, log alt and start Smelting (I usually get 300-800 ores per day).
You can go AFK meanwhile as this takes some time. When that is done ship over all to your Main.
And relogg

[Aquiring Cobalt Bars Via AH]
GoGo AH and buy ALL Cobalt Bars you can find for reasonable prices.
(at my AH they are 1.4g each) I usually buy for about 3000g per day before
the Auction House is emptied out (dont worry it will restack over night).

[Starting the Process – Crafting]
Aight I lurk Ironforge so with all your 100s of Bars head to the Great Anvil (any anvil).
And start Smithing Notched Cobalt War Axe . This is a item from
the trainer and still gives GCE.
But its a new type of goldmine ^^
Now smithing 30 or 300 doesnt matter it still takes time. So go afk, take a coffee or w.e
Check in reguarly and when your done start Disenchanting (/Yawn).
From a batch of 40 axes (400 bars) I get around 75 Greater Cosmic and 20 Dust.
And thats pretty awesome (math section further down).

If your alrdy rich and just want more cash to spend on unnesacary mounts or gear for alts.
Then you should take an intrest while doing this to OWN the Dust/Essence market.
For example you just did this and got 300 Essences..
But the price for the essence only 10g each..
Well then you just simply BUY ALL Essences on the AH.
And resell them+yours for your own price (my is 17g per essence)
(Buy low – sell high Common Sense and posted many times, but needed to be in this post)

[Ending the Process – Collecting the Money]

So i kinda login for 30min every 3 hours to buy new bars and create etc.
But i save all my DE Mats for later. I put them up at night on the AH.
So if you could afford it and did what it says above then simply put up your items for your
own prices. Its not hard. But if you got 400+ items and want to auction them 1 by 1
(like i do) Auctioneer REALLY helps with this, it will divide your stacks and auction them
for you with your own Price.
Anyway after you posted em all up you can just log and/or do something else.
Login in the morning and be prepared to have over 100 mails.. I NEVER have Everything
sold at the same time. But when i login im getting spammed 24/7 that a buyer has been found
etc.. All day round it just never ends.. I find it amusing some find it annoying.

So simply Rinse and Repeat.

[The Profit – Mathimatical conclusion]
NOTE: This is my server, but using same system you can just edit prices and see if there
still is an profit for you.

This example uses 100 Notched Cobalt War Axe.
Disenchant info:
Greater Cosmic Essence (75% 1.5)
Infinite Dust (20% 3.5)
Dream Shard (5% 1)

75 x 1.5 = 112.5 (75 axes became essence)
20 x 3.5 = 70 (20 became dust)
5 x 1 = 5 (5 became Shards)

112.5 x 17g = 1912.5 (17g = Price per Item)
70 x 4.2g = 294 (4.2g = Price per Item)
5 x 10g = 50 (10g = Price per Item)

+ 50.0

Cobalt Ore Cost:
1.20g x 1000 = 1200g
1200 = 12

2256.5 – 1200 = 1056.5
1056.5 = 10.565
1 Axe Cost = 12
1 Axe Sell for = 22.565
So the Profit buying Ores is 10.565g PER Axe.

Profit Per Ore:
10= 1g 5silver 65copper

Cobalt Bar Cost:
1.4 x 1000 = 1400g
1400 = 14

2256.5 – 1400 = 852.5
852.5 = 8.525
1 War Axe Cost = 14
1 War Axe Sell for = 22.525
So the Profit buying Bars is 8.525g PER Axe.

Profit Per Bar:
10= 85 silver 25copper

As you see YES Ores do give more profit BUT!! It takes 50% Longer to do..
Choose your own way I do both rly.

[FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions]

Q. Owning the market is hard :S People keep undercutting my auctions!
A. Well Start by just buying the undercutted auctions and reposting them for your price.
Keep doing this for a few days.

Q. Why didnt u just update your old post?
A. Well because servers differ.. the old item might work on other servers + ppl might want to check how it
was back in that patch.. So deleting it might be stupid..

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