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Wow-Co is a World of Warcraft tool used for cheating on retail or private servers.
It has the ability of moving your player through solid objects such as buildings,
gates, roofing, floor, ground and alot more.
It has the ability to transport your character in all 5 directions,
North, East, South, West, Up, Down

Why? That defeats the purpous of the game!
Honestly, I wrote this as a learning tool for testing my own skills.
But that isn’t the reason you’ll be using it. Ever wondered “I wonder what’s up there..”
or, “Why is this here..” whilst playing World of Warcraft? Well today is your lucky
day. Wow-Co gives you the freedom of exploring the game enviroment with ease.
It allows you to reach never before seen spots by the default client.

Will I be banned
Running Wow-Co is against the Terms of Service and End User Lisence Agreement with Blizzard Entertainment
that you are forced to agree to when registering your account for World of Warcraft.
Blizzard Entertainment can and will ban you for this offense, but the chances of this hapenning if the program
is used sensibly are very low. The program is currently not being detected by warden, and as soon as it is,
I’ll hit the kill switch on the server which won’t allow your copy of Wow-Co to launch
All in all, don’t use this in a main city or around other players on a retail server and you should be fine
Use this program at your own risk, I am not responsible for your stupidy or use of this program

Okay, How the hell do I use it?
Wow-Co was designed to be used with ease. Simply download the latest version, extract it to a folder
Open World of Warcraft, log in, log into your character, then run Wow-Co
When Wow-Co loads, it’ll connect to the server to check for the latest pointers / updates
once this process is done, it will automatically load and attach to World of Warcraft. From here,
you shouldn’t have to reset Wow-Co unless your close down World of Warcraft.
You are free to change characters whilst it is running, hearth, summon, anything!

Download from here

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