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This is an old BG Bot I wrote in AutoIt quite a while ago. As I have pretty much retired it since moving on to memory reading figured I could share it with anyone starting to look into programming etc as a quick example. It doesn’t fight or prevent people from marking you afk. All it does is join bg move a bit at the start in certain BGs and chill.

Things to note about it:

  • It is pretty custom to my needs and will most likely not work by just clicking it.
  • It just reads certain locations for colors & does mouse clicks based on what it finds.
  • With focus it will act as a BG bot, without it will just prevents afk.
  • F should be bound to set view to first person.
  • 0 & 2 should be bound to something that you would want to cast occasionally.
  • E should be bound to AV trinket (AV is kinda useless now tho)
  • Resolution to 1152×864, Cartographer, & Dominos will improve chances of this working.
  • Face north and in first person toward the battlemaster of choice before starting it.
  • Most likely you will need to change the PixelSearch and MouseClicks in the code at minimum.

It is commented a bit so that should help with editing and figuring out how the code flows. Also included is Color-Loc which I used to use to get mouse locations and colors. As far as using the Color-Loc basically run it, then get focus on the window you are looking for a specific color (WOW) then hit f9. Once you hit f9 it will give you a popup of the x/y pixel location as well as copy the hex value of the color into your clipboard. I take no credit for the Color-Loc it was just something I found browsing the autoit forums. Neither file is converted to exe so source should be easily viewable.

Download: AFK BG.rar

Sorry forgot Virus Scan.

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