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I made 40k Gold in 1 week with this strategy (playing about 2-3 hours a day)
–> i got up to 75k gold total until i started to spend everything on huge investments
–> i bought: Travelers Thundra (18k), 2x Darkmooncard: Greatness (2x10k), 1x Chopper (17k) + a Chopper for my friend (17k) and still got about 15k left

Here’s a screenshot to post some “proof”:

So what do you need for this to work:

– 2 Professions: Jewelcrafting(390) / Enchanting (325)
– 500-1000g starting money

What you gonna do?

1. Buy saronite ore in the AH (around 20-28g per stack – depends on each server) there are probably a lot of chinafarmers selling their saronite, so just put them on your friends list and ask them if they sell all their saronite each day directly to you for a cheaper price. I had 2-3 chinafarmers “working” for me at the end.

2. Prospect all the saronite – you’ll get the rare gems (craft them in something usefull – check which stones go for a lot of gold in the auctionhouse) – you’ll also get some uncommon gems (keep the blue/yellow/orange/red gems – you will not need the green/purple stones)

Edit: Some asked which gems are usefull: It highly depends on your server and what the demand is for that gem at the moment. Sometimes Vivid Forest Emeralds sell for 35g+ and sometimes an Enduring Forest Emerald is worth more. If you just started this method or you don’t do a high mass of prospecting then you only wanna make the highest priced gems. Otherwise you just make every gem that goes for 15g+ (around 5-8 at the time) and put it in the AH. The color matters too, on my server Red > Yellow > Purple > Orange > Blue > Green. Of course you need to do the JC-Daily or buy the damaged necklace for new recipes. Usually i just go to the AH a couple of times and see which gems are selling the highest, then i know which recipe i’ll buy next.

3. Buy a lot of eternal earth at the AH (3-8g depending on servers) and turn those into crystalized earth.

4. Use the gems + crystalized earth for the following recipes:
Bloodstone Band – Item – World of Warcraft
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet – Item – World of Warcraft
Crystal Citrine Necklace – Item – World of Warcraft
Sun Rock Ring – Item – World of Warcraft

Yes it will take a bit of time – but those are the most efficient items to make.

You’ll get a lot of infinite dust and lesser cosmic essences (make greater cosmic essences out of them) – you can sell those mats for a pretty high price at the AH

– Check around twice a day if you’ve been outbid and either make new gems and put them in cheaper or take them out and put those in again
– Use the addon auctioneer (found in wowmatrix or at curse)
– Use the addon getmail or any other mailaddon to get your money/gems out of the mailbox faster

How much you’ll make is always dependend on the raiding situation (on my server on sundays i can sell a lot of raiding gems and on wednesday when servers come up and after archavon has been slain i can sell a lot of pvp gems)

You might ask why i don’t have more money if i could make 40k a week – simple answer: there is nothing to buy anymore and i rather do pvp or raid, since i still got 15k left.

This guide was written by: Buahbleah

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